Life is Good

Been way too busy to sit in front of the computer for the past month, so whoops. Not only did my soul mate and I reconnect closer and better than before, we know we will be together for the rest of our lives.

There has been a lot of energy healing and physical healing I’ve been going through. Had my required surgery a week ago and am recuperating nicely. Tired as all get-out, however, which every time I complain about not knowing why I am so sleepy (a pet peeve after the months of chemo fatigue), I am reminded by somebody somewhere that I did just have a major surgery and to give my body a chance to catch up. I’m impatient after seven months asleep, what can I say?

Moving forward, moving onward and moving away from the old and toward the new in so many different ways. I will try to be more diligent about posting so that I do not lose the thoughts and meditations I have been having during this process. Chemo brain is still floating around and likely will for up to a year, oh crap no.

But all is well. Very, very well.

Worth it

Out of all the things I thought were worth fighting for to get back after my cancer, one of them went by the wayside and I quickly realized it was definitely for the best. That was my job. It came between my BFF and me in so many ways I did not realize at the time, but now on the other side, I can see that I will not again seek to work in a field I have spent thirty years in. I shall henceforth be applying the life skills learned in ministry to other areas of my life in the second half of my century.

My health is almost all back. Surgery for the abdomenal glob that needs yanking outta there is scheduled for month of May. Two down.

Finally, and definitely saving the best for last, is about my soul mate. He and I went through a rough spot what with chemo and my declining health prior to treatment when I felt so tired all the time. From thirty plus years in ministry, I am well versed in caring for the caregivers since many of the people I would work with often had sick family members at home. I know first hand what kind of emotional duress the caregivers go through and sometimes they simply burn out. My BFF and I took a short break but are now back closer than ever.

Was giving him the freedom to experiment outside of the two of us worth it? It was rough, but yes, it was worth it because he and I realize that we are definitely soul mates and we were put together for a reason. I actually do feel grateful that we got a serious illness out of the way so early in our relationship because it made us both re-evaluate what was important to us, what we each wanted in life and from each other.

Getting my “life” back means to me: the man of my dreams loves me more now than he did before and I am just as devoted and deeper in love with him as well. I, or rather we, are really looking to spending the second half of our centuries together, madly in love with our best friends – each other. Definitely worth it.❤



It has been two full months after my final chemo treatment for the lymphoma and my hair is growing back. Right now, I am owning this pixie hairdoo and it almost looks like I did it on purpose! LOL I have such energy and zest right now, I am going full speed ahead on getting my life BACK!